Fees, Supply Lists & BYOD


2021-2022 Woodhaven Fee Schedule (All Grades)

The fees page of the division website explains the fee types, payment options, and criteria for waiving fees. 

2020-2021 Field Trip Fees

Please note: The following fees are based on class field trips taken in previous school years. The listed cost is the maximum amount you may be asked to pay for field trips over the course of the school year - the actual cost may be less. Costs will be accrued on a per-field trip basis, so there is no need to pay this amount in a lump sum at the start of the school year.



Grade 5 Mainstream $83
Grade 5 MCP $98
Grade 6 Mainstream $100
Grade 6 MCP $110
Grade 7 Mainstream $110
Grade 7 MCP $110
Grade 8 Mainstream $78
Grade 8 MCP $104
Grade 9 Mainstream $70
Grade 9 MCP $130

About the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative

PSD schools are committed to enhance student learning through the BYOD Initiative. We hope to encourage an environment where each student has his or her own mobile device to use both at school and at home.

The BYOD Initiative is entirely optional, and students are not required to bring their own devices to use at school.

Purchasing Devices

Parents and students can make their own decision as to which device to purchase for BYOD. We do recommend that all BYOD devices meet the following criteria:

  • Internet connectivity (through Wi-Fi or other)
  • 6 Hour Battery Life
  • Ability to connect to Google Workspace For Education
  • A Keyboard – integrated, Bluetooth or touch screen
  • Word processing capability (more than 1 paragraph)
  • Ability to integrate images, video and sound

Parkland School Division has partnered with a selection of businesses to aid with BYOD purchases. Visit the Technology For Learning page to access these offers and learn more about BYOD.

For more information contact:
Woodhaven Middle School
Phone: 780-962-2626
Email: Woodhaven@psd.ca