Grade 8 / 9

The following options courses are available to students in Grades 8 and 9 during Term 2 of the 2022-2023 school year. Read through the course descriptions, then use the Grade 8/9 Option Registration Form to choose the courses you'd like to register in.

Art and Design (Teliani)

Students will plan and design an authentic advertisement for an already existing product, exploring different art mediums, including technology, in their search for the best medium to represent their subject matter and create a compelling design.

Course Fee: $4 for canvas

Foods (Glegloff & Denet)

Students will learn the techniques they need to be a cooking expert! This challenge will allow them to explore their inner foodies as they create delicious recipes for a chosen clientele. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of ingredients to enhance their palettes.

Course Fee: $45

IA (Huedepohl)

Students will complete various woodworking, metalworking and (possibly) electronic projects. Various skills will be needed to complete these projects.

Course Fee: $27

Mentorship (Schock)

In this class, you will create a personal portfolio that reveals and outlines your strengths for helping others.  You will receive training in the skills of leadership, assisting others, making successful personal relationships with younger students and teaching reading and math/LA activities. You may be assigned to work with a younger student from our school to help with schoolwork.  Of course, there is always time for playing friendly games and building relationships.

Course Fee: None

Sew Creative (Refugia)

We will work with numerous textiles to create projects, including a Christmas ornament, tote bag, bucket hat and pajama shorts. Students will learn essential skills such as cutting, measuring, reading patterns and sewing (hand and machine).

Course Fee: $30 (covers all necessary course materials; if a student prefers a special fabric, they may need to purchase that separately and at an additional cost)

Spin for Life (Peet)

Students will develop fitness leadership skills through participation in a variety of spin classes. They will learn how different workouts can improve their cardiovascular health in different ways. Some of the workouts the students will be exposed to are interval training, endurance training and strength training. The students will also learn about cycling metrics like power (wattage), heartrate (BPM), speed (km/hr) and cadence (RPM). After developing the necessary skills and knowledge on the bikes, students will gain the confidence to be able to lead others in a bike fitness class.

Course Fee: None

Wolfpack Planning Team (Merkus)

Students will learn how to plan, execute and lead activities around the school. This will be done through school-wide activities, theme days, den days and more! 

Course Fee: None

Photography (Nordstrom)

Millions of people take and share photos every day, but what makes a photographer different? Through using their cell phone cameras, students will come to understand the elements of photography and learn what it takes to capture spectacular photos. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their cell phone to take pictures, but may share with a classmate if necessary.

Course Fee: None