Grade 8 / 9

The following options courses are available to students in Grades 8 and 9 during Term 2 of the 2023-2024 school year. Read through the course descriptions, then use the Grade 8/9 Option Registration Form to choose the courses you'd like to register for.

Sports Medicine (Peet)

We will learn the proper names of the structure of the body and the terminology used in sports medicine. We will explore a variety of taping techniques that can be used to treat and/or prevent injury. This course will be a combination of academic learning and hands-on practice. Students will be responsible for demonstrating their learning in a variety of ways. 

Course Fee: $10 

Industrial Arts (IA) (Huedepohl)

Students will complete various woodworking, metalworking and possibly electronic projects. Various skills will be learned to complete these projects. 

Course Fee: $27

Mentorship (Schock)

What is the mentorship option? Well, do you like helping others? In this class, you will learn to set up a personal portfolio identifying your strengths for helping others. You will receive training in the skills of leadership, assisting others, making successful personal relationships with younger students and teaching language arts and math activities. You may be assigned to work with a younger student from our school to help with school work. Of course, there is always time for playing friendly games and building relationships. 

Course Fee: No fees

Cosmetology (Cresswell)

This course will focus on developing the basic knowledge and skills in the cosmetology and esthetics industry. Some topics of instruction will include skin care, hair care, and nail care. Students will be exposed to many aspects of cosmetology through multimedia, guest speakers, theory and practical work. 

Course Fee: $45

Intro to Computer Science (Nordstrom)

This course will cover two areas of computing: Use of the Google Suite and an introduction to computational thinking and coding. Students will learn to use relevant computer software and acquire skills that will help them succeed in a variety of areas of employment. Students will be required to bring a Chromebook/laptop to the class in order to participate in class activities and projects. 

Course Fee: No fees

Art and Design (Teliani)

Students plan and design an authentic advertisement for an already existing product. Students will work through different art mediums including technology to develop a foundation of which medium would be appropriate to create an advertisement for an already existing product. Students identify the art medium or technology that best meets the needs of advertising a product. 

Course Fee: $4

Foods (Glegloff/Denet)

Students will learn the necessary techniques needed to be a cooking expert! This challenge will allow them to explore their inner foodie as they create delicious recipes for a given audience. Students will be introduced to a wide-variety of ingredients to enhance their palette.

Course Fee: $45

Sew Creative (Refugia)

We will work on numerous textiles to create projects, including a Christmas ornament, tote bag, pillow and pajama shorts. We will learn all the essential skills needed to make all the mentioned projects including cutting, measuring, reading patterns and sewing (hand and machine). The $40 fee includes all materials for this course. Should students prefer special fabric, they may purchase it independently outside of course fees. 

Course Fee: $40